Thursday, October 05, 2006


This is a classic from the official nart vaults here at desktoporama. This gorgeous painting single handedly contains the quintessential values of good nart.

1. "Fresh" style uncontaminated by heavy handed traditional conventions. The obligatory use of color is accented through slight value shifted airbrush driven shadows. these are especially evident on the leg of the focal character - the bleeding woman. The image preaches devotion to vanishing point perspective, while magnificently defying it's companion - atmospheric perspective. The selective use of cast shadows gives the scene that perfect blend, grounding the bleeding woman, while floating her enemies and the motorcycle.

2. Engaging, but open narrative. The heroin sits motionless against her bike . . . bleeding, but alive, while her pursuers lay lifeless and shadowless in the crystal clear distance. Is she trying to escape the dangerous city, or flee her forsaken home. The 0,0,128 blue pants coupled with the 0,128,128 blue shirt peg her as an obvious servant of the local law enforcement. Is she a seasoned veteran or simply a meter maid caught in the web of the crime loards croanies. And in the background, the fingers of total destruction emerge from the underworld to pull the city into its depths of despair. In the shadow of this collossal phelange, does the plight of our traffic cop really matter? No it does not, not to most of us, but to the painter of this story, the slow dripping death of one unlucky cop and two floating thugs is where the attention of the audience belongs . . .

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