Monday, October 09, 2006


Aaaaahhhh . . . nothing like the sweet smell of new nart to start your day. Just pulled this one fresh off the forums at

The beauty of this piece lies in its subtle homage to the classic symbology of the human skull. But wait something is a little out of the ordinary here, hey, those arn't cross bones! Those are golf clubs! Truly a masterful application of phychological illusion.

Not only does this work of nart include fantastic worship of 0,255,0 green smoke, but it also continues the faithful use of subtle airbrush driven shadows.

The smoke is topped perhaps only by the puffy ball on top of the traditional golfer's hat. It sits there 255,255,255 as if to say, I am an innocent hat, don't mind the glowing green eyes of my owner, I won't hurt you . . .

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Scandalous said...

...You forgot to mention the 0,0,0 background, which just makes this sybolic iconic sport hybrid scream out 'Put me on a T-shirt!'