Friday, October 06, 2006


Another priceless piece from the desktoporama vaults.

The Nart tradition continues with flawlessly soft airbrush shadows, but adds the subtle glow of airbrushed highlights. Green emotes many emotions, but in this work the feeling is one of dread and forboding.

The beautiful cat woman is embraced by her stoic cat man arrior lover, but is she satisfied with her romantic lead? No she looks out of her world and into ours pleading for rescue from her doomed habitat.

But wait, what is that in the distance, silouhetted against the army green sky? IS it the birds, yes it's the birds come to save us all from our greenery and gloom . . .

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woody_germ said...

I know it must be a thankless job providing such an invaluable service for the greater good, so it is with great honor that I say Thankyou.