Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This beauty speaks for itself, so I'll be brief.

In fact, why don't we describe the success of this piece with a few lines of code:

totallyAwesomeness = machineguns + skinlessCyborgMuscleMonsters + int(tentacles) + ["razorblades" + "Blue jeans"];

totallyAwesomeness*= sternoclydomastoid._xscale;

if (machinegun == head){totallyAwesomeness*=1000000;}

Based on this formula, the totallyawesomeness of this image easily reaches into the billions.


Sakievich said...

Don't forget to mention the feminine placement of hands and feet in the foreground figure. This adds a lot to the depth and perception to meaning aquisition.

S.T. Lewis said...

"Totally awesomeness"... I love it! Your blog makes me laugh... and so I do.