Monday, April 07, 2008


Ken Vs Ryu

Finally after eons of waiting here is the long awaited and much anticipated original posting of my very first personal piece of fan art. It is gracing my desktop right now, and even though Udon doesn't want us to post these until the book comes out, I figure I get about 5 (hi Shane) visitors a month here, so it should be safe in the narchives of desktoporama.

And to celebrate my getting into the Udon fan art book, I am posting a few pieces of Street Fighter Nart from the narchives.

Ryu's Gotta Go
I thought this was a very interesting exploration into the Street Fighter mythos. Good fan fiction always starts with an unanswered question. There are so many questions that have never been answered in the games or the comics, but this piece shows a promising window into one of the most exciting queries to date.

"What does Evil Ryu look like, when he is in the middle of a fight, and then all of the sudden he really, I mean really gots ta GO?"

I mean sure this guy is kind of in that demon / evil mode, but hey he's still gotta use the jon sometimes, so this question needs to be answered. I think he probably uses Bridie's stage from SFAII.

That Sinking Feeling

The next question that would really help Udon sell some pages is this:

"What does Akuma do when he gets that feeling in the middle of a fight"

You know like that, "I wish I had some Immodium AD" feeling? Well it's probably not gonna be pretty with that powder blue costume, I can tell you that! He's probably wishing he had worn his normal dark grey karate pants. It's really gonna tarnish his image, cause man, powder blue and chocolate brown don't go together.

Zangief Had Some Work Done

And for our last comic peddling plot line we explore the oddity of Zangief's muscles. He just keeps getting bigger and stranger with each itt of Street Fighter. So the question here is:

"What is Zangief going to look like in SF V after he's had some work done?"

Apparently, by that age his thighs are gonna be pretty saggy, and when you are a grappler in a game where everyone but you can throw fireballs and you are already "challenged" jump-wise in your first appearence, well the botox thighs for version 5 start to make sense.

And I think he's been doing that same, "I bet I can touch my lips to the bottom of my nose, and make one eye really big and crazy" face since SFII.

As long as botox thighs are in, lets go for a few pec implants too. Gotta make up for that hair loss and ambiguous belly definition. We'll miss the mohawk though, we'll miss it.

PS, I still remember your dance with Gorby in SFII, I loved that man...