Friday, August 03, 2007


This piece exemplifies the quintessential sci-fi nart work. Like so many nasterpieces it is the content more than the quality that earn this baby a place in the nart halls of desktoporama fame.

It also betrays many secrets of our super shiny tech savy future.

In the future we will all wear metal underwear, except for the really unusual aliens which will wear metal shoulder pads with no underwear at all. Because metal underwear is really heavy, metal suspenders will not be uncommon.

Another observation of note is that the metal underwear will often be worn on the outside of our skin tight jumpsuits.

PS all aliens reguardless of their anti-human anatomy will have totally ripped abs and pecs, because all nart-worthy sci-fi characters have pecs and abs.


S.T. Lewis said...

Is that American flag hovering over that gal's shoulder like a "shoulder angel?" I imagine it whispers ideas for being more patriotic. I love your blog, Scott. Good to see something new on here again. Entertain me more.

Scott said...

Yes, I think the holoflag-o-patriogrameter is probably helping her make a very important decision about the alien that is not wearing pants. Clearly she is thinking very hard.

She is probably thinking he should wear his underwaer on his head.